And When I Remember That I Have Forgotten

Minnie Crook


Tuesday 17th March 20.30-21.30
Wednesday 18th March 18.30-19.30



And When I Remember That I Have Forgotten

i can see you there

forgetting slowly

who i am and where you are

and forgetting this world that has given me those memories of


remember me please, please remember me

And When I Remember That I Have Forgotten is a celebratory exploration into memory and nostalgia. This work questions the past and challenges how we remember and re-live moments in time whilst ultimately finding new connections to the people most important to us.

Exploring personal histories and kinship through persona and collaborating with family members, this performance is set against a backdrop of a familial gathering. Seeking space for us all to reminisce, and have a good old sing-song.

Minnie Crook

Minnie Crook is a multidisciplinary performance artist based in Glasgow. Originally from Leamington Spa, she explores ideas of memory and nostalgia to investigate her own autobiography and the distance between her and her family members.

Crook’s live art uses visual projection, persona and acapella song to further understand the past as irretrievable moments in time. She questions how people leave behind traces of their lives, and how we, the new generations, inherit and re-discover these traces. She is interested in what is present and absent, the act of forgetting and the processes of remembering. Crook’s work explores the personal memory vs the collective recollection, and ultimately how we are shaped by the societal manoeuvrings of the world.

For my mum, my dad, my brother, my grandad John, my Nan, my Grandma, my Grandad Frank, my aunties and uncles, my great grandparents, my cousins and those to come.